40 Maps That Explain Food in America

This is a truly amazing!  I suggest pouring yourself a cool drink, brewing coffee, putting Bach’s Goldberg Variations for String Ensemble on the turntable, boiling an egg and serving with sardines and anchovies, whatever makes for a pleasant afternoon and enjoy the giddy-edificaiton of this site.  Here’s the link. http://www.vox.com/a/explain-food-america


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Jordi’s Spanish Omelet

Jordi Teixidó hails from Catalonia, which in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries became a maritime power in the Mediterranean extending it’s reach from the northeastern corner of the Iberian peninsula to Sardinia, Sicily and Athens.  Though absorbed into Spain, the Catalans will vote on independence later this year, and possibly begin a reconquest of Greece.  It’s there … Continue reading Jordi’s Spanish Omelet

You Say Bones, I Say Feijoada!

We have a new picture headlining our blog this week, a chalk drawing by Demian Maya created at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  They currently have an exhibit entitled Skulls containing nearly two hundred skulls from around the world.  Demian’s there right now with Gabriela, Helena, Yuri and Thais, sending photos of the various … Continue reading You Say Bones, I Say Feijoada!

And Now For Something Completely Different . . . And Yet There’s Always A Bone.

Two years ago I fell into reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma and this act opened the books of Joel Saladin, Carlo Petrini, Sir Albert Howard, Aldo Leopold, Daniel Barber and many others.  And, of course, I read Wendell Berry.  Poet and farmer, Berry coined the key sentence for all of us who understand there … Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different . . . And Yet There’s Always A Bone.

There Will Be A Bone

Hanging out in San Diego with Gabriela’s sister Helena, her husband Jordi, and two children Yuri and Thais.  We decided to have lunch at Cowboy Star in the Gaslamp district.  Lo and behold, look what appeared on the table.   That’s right, Roasted Bone Marrow and a glass of Laphroaig 10.  I have not yet … Continue reading There Will Be A Bone


I love cooking with bones.  Over the next few blogs we’re going to consider the artistic and sustainable aspects of all sorts of bones: buffalo, chicken, fish, lamb and pig.  For the joy of it, I’m also going to include shells as bones.  As we consider the shank and neck, spine and trotter we’ll also … Continue reading Bones!