Broth Of A Forest Floor: Walking On Storön.

Midsummer in the Stockholm Archipelago and I’ve finally become accustomed to falling asleep in daylight.  Important to blanket windows, shut eyes tightly, and dream about water and land washing, breaking each other.  It’s about four in the morning when I wake to light and silhouette, and what can I do, emerging colors call me out … Continue reading Broth Of A Forest Floor: Walking On Storön.

There Will Be Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Turkey has arrived!  Last night Greenling delivered a Bourbon Red Heritage, Free Range Turkey from Richardson Farms. Now, that’s a turkey!  Bearing reddish plumage and first bred in Bourbon County, Kentucky the Bourbon Red sat on many a Thanksgiving table from the last decades of the nineteenth century all the way to World … Continue reading There Will Be Thanksgiving!