The Great Banquet: The Alchemy of Recipes

Here is a description of a food class I’m offering this mid-winter session at The Honors College at the University of Houston.  More news to come. While reading, I suggest you listen to the Presentation for The Mystery Sonatas by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Von Biber. What is a recipe? It’s an All in One complex system … Continue reading The Great Banquet: The Alchemy of Recipes

Off The Menu

I’ve begun to read René Redzepi’s Work in Progress: Journal, Recipes and Snapshots.  One thing true about the Great Forager is his abundant use of flowers:  “A Light Stew of Broad Beans and Flowers,” “Spicy and Sweet Cucumber and Pickled Elderflowers,” “A Plateful of Flowers and Some Vinaigrette.”  His titles read like poems–“Steamed Dandelion Leaves and … Continue reading Off The Menu

Food Of The Day

Sean Brock has an amazing menu and a clear creative and critical eye for Southern Cooking.  I’ve dined at Husk in Charleston, while the above image is from his new Husk in Nashville.  I’m watching him on The Mind of a Chef, narrated by Anthony Bourdain.  His mind clearly cooks within heirloom varieties, centuries-old traditions … Continue reading Food Of The Day