Portuguese Potatoes

Cook, eat while drinking vinho verde and listening to Cristina Branco.


potatoeseditBeing in Portugal for a week with the family means wonderful meals and warm memories. We spent a lot of time here growing up and fell in love with a simple style of food which takes advantage of the truly tasty ingredients on offer. Everything from a humble cucumber, a piece of corn-fed chicken or a dense chewy piece of bread brings raptures at the clarity and truth in the flavours.

That’s a fancy way of saying that every time we eat here we say “This cucumber is just so… cucumbery. This tomato is just so… tomatoey. This chicken is just so… chickeny”…  it goes on (and on!).

So, while here and planning a lovely barbecue with sardines and fresh sea bass, chicken and char-grilled vegetables, we decided to make a dish of Portuguese Potatoes. Now, despite this rather long intro, this isn’t actually an old family recipe, or…

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