Adventures in Paleo Eating: Bone Marrow

From Homo Habilis to a restaurant in Tampa, this blog serves as an appetizer for an upcoming post on the art, cooking and literature of bone-marrow. Enjoy!

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A few weeks ago my wife and I were examining a menu of a Tampa restaurant, when we were startled to see a new kind of appetizer – roast marrow bones! Naturally, we had to try it. It turned out to be totally delicious:


(photograph by the author)

This whole topic of marrow bones is absolutely fascinating. When I grew up as a kid in Russia, my mother (who, incidentally, is a great cook – probably the best I know apart from professional chefs, and better than most professionals, anyway) used to make soups with marrow bones. For example, the famous Russian borsch (note, not ‘borscht’, I have no idea where that extra ‘t’ came from) really tastes best when the bouillon is made with marrow bones.

After moving to the States I went for years without eating anything made with marrow bones. In fact, most Americans consider bones as…

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