Smoked Pork Neck Bone and Barley Soup

Another great recipe using bones!

Cooking in Sens


We’ve already had our first snow and Thanksgiving is still almost 2 weeks away!  It’s cold. It’s so cold that dog walking is only fun for the dog who is an Irish Terrier and therefore innately insane.  We were so cold a couple of days ago that we bought some self-serve homemade  potato soup at a vegetable stand near Waymart, P.A.  What there was of it (all the other cold people had been there ahead of us and ate all the chicken noodle soup and most of the potato soup) was good with discernible pieces of potato.


It’s 11:30 a.m. , 32 F (0 C)and is threatening to drop to 22 F (-5 C), probably when we’re walking the dog ⛄.  Earlier, inspired by some internet barley soup maker (I’ve forgotten who), I pulled together some ingredients for a large pot of hearty soup to be eaten before AND after walking the dog…

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