Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Garlic and Potatoes – As bucolic as it gets.

While cooking this wonderful recipe, why not listen to Bach’s Orchestral Suites.

Occasionally reading from Virgil’s Georgics:
What makes the corncrops glad, under which star
To turn the soil, Maecenas, and wed your vines
To elms, the care of cattle, keeping of flocks,
All the experience thrifty bees demand –
Such are the themes of my song.

And, of course, drink deeply from a bottle of Rombauer Chardonnay.


One Man's Meat

Lamb Shoulder Casserole (7 of 7)I was recently cycling through the Wicklow countryside with a couple of friends. As happens, conversations get started on the flat, dropped on the ascent, ignored in the excitement of a downhill and restarted when we all have our breath back. Often, we get strung out (not in a doping sort of way, we aren’t that type of cyclists). Conversations, started between three, can carry on for a time between two as the laggard joins up with the group. This can lead to some confusion as two will complete a conversation started by three. The third will join back up with the group and carry on from where things had been left off. 

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