John Harvey, Gabriela Maya, and Demian Harvey Maya eat food, think about food, and love to write about food.  Here’s some more information.

John Harvey watched his grandmother cook goulash, pork loin roast and loads of bacon and eggs.  He then wandered through the fast-food wastelands of the north, until discovering the joys of garlic at university.  Upon traveling south, he encountered Single Malt Scotch and began to understand the blessings of terroir.  Little by little, he began to cook, experimenting especially with many, many chickens.  Then, one day he met a woman from a mythical land beyond the oceans and he started to learn about feijoada, caldo verde and the importance of organic and local food.  Deciding he had discovered a key to life, he pursued ancient cookbooks, cannibals, folklore, recipes, and scientific studies. He now seeks to join the world of chefs, farmers, foodies, gourmands, and sommeliers in the great wheel of life.

Gabriela Maya, writer and teacher,  learned to drink tea and love smoked eel and bread made out of beer wart in Sweden, but later moved with her parents to their homeland, Brazil, and there found delight in seasonal mangoes, fried manioc and  chicken hearts on a stick. She traveled, wrote, and dabbled in dance and martial arts, learning more about the crucial connections between what we eat and how we live on this planet. One day in her travels she met a beautiful poet who had been sadly deprived of garlic in his childhood (shocking!) and was spending the rest of his life trying to make up for it. She decided to join him in that quest as they taught and wrote and raised a son together.

Demian Maya eats asparagus, bacon, chocolate, corn, eggs, pancakes, pig jowl, pork belly, squid and drinks plenty of hot chocolate.  It is not unusual for him to have a third or fourth breakfast, much like a hobbit.  He plans for total world domination through his study of empires and weaponry, and currently constructs a dwarf hall in a mountain on Minecraft.  Each day, he attempts to destroy his father.


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