A Southern Saturnalia

Saturnalibus, optimo dierum! (Catullus) And so it is.  A time of honoring agricultural deities, gathering to brave darkness, exchanging tokens of friendship, banquet-style eating of copious amounts of the gods’ riches, and drinking . . . drinking and drinking.   For twenty years I’ve started Saturnalia celebrations with the seasonal Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale, 2016 … Continue reading A Southern Saturnalia

The Dinner Guest

Sometimes they arrive without an invitation.  As in Edward Gorey’s masterful The Doubtful Guest, having a door exposes you to knocks and bells beginning a doubtful process of hospitality.  Maybe you had sent an invitation but then forgotten you had, and now as you’ve settled in for a quiet evening with a bowl of leek, … Continue reading The Dinner Guest

Guinness, Oysters and the Inner Organs of Beasts

Back in June 2011, Gabriela, Demian and I voyaged across the Atlantic to Dublin, Ireland with about 30 other students and faculty from The Honors College at the University of Houston.  All organized by this fine man, Robert Cremins–wonderful Irishman, novelist and pint-sharing companion. We roomed at Trinity College and explored this amazing city famous … Continue reading Guinness, Oysters and the Inner Organs of Beasts