All The World Is Cured Meat . . . And Insects.

This featured image features one of may favorite places in the world, Revival Market, and where I graze on wonderful headcheese and whiskey pâté. Let’s begin today’s menu with a perfect fall, comfort food recipe–Pumpkin Kale Mac and Cheese from cookingwithawallflower. I know, I know–another article about eating insects, but when the little critters are … Continue reading All The World Is Cured Meat . . . And Insects.

Sunday Fare

Above, the dining room at Ouisie’s Table.  Have I ever had a better crab cake?  No, probably not.  Today’s menu celebrates stone fruit, summer tomatoes, southern cuisine, Iberian recipes, Geoffrey Hill, trout, Colombia, figs and bourbon.  My, my.  Oh, waiter.  Let’s get started with a refreshing beverage from a Thug. Given the summer season, I … Continue reading Sunday Fare