All The World Is Cured Meat . . . And Insects.

This featured image features one of may favorite places in the world, Revival Market, and where I graze on wonderful headcheese and whiskey pâté. Let’s begin today’s menu with a perfect fall, comfort food recipe–Pumpkin Kale Mac and Cheese from cookingwithawallflower.


I know, I know–another article about eating insects, but when the little critters are being experimented with by NordicFoodLab (a brainchild of René Redzepi) then I cannot resist, so let’s read and crunch Eating Insects.


Of all the ways to keep track of our feckless politicians, here’s one with immediate, practical meaning–from Sustainable Agriculture a Food Policy Action Scoreboard.  Ah, how will Texas fare?


James Pierce Barton from 1832 brings us the Kentucky landscape and setting for our next reading, Faith and Fears in Wendell Berry’s Kentucky.


Given the state of our soil let’s end all of this with green, the world and Tom Waits.


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