A Mid-Summer’s Feast: Pulled Pork and BBQ Ribs!

Smoke like Odysseus hanging out with his swineherd, read “A Mid-Summer’s Feast” and get your pig on! Pork, Homer and a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, I’m thinking. Pairing the right worlds with grilled meat and drink matters.

Patrons of the Pit

Every once in a while, a pit jockey develops a hankering to cook something big. Something epic. A festering itch not particularly, nor suitably scratched via IMG_45871anything you’ll find in the simple realm of hamburgers or hot dogs. Nay, it is a bit more involved than that. It usually requires big, obscene chunks of pig, and it usually takes protracted quantities of precious time. And such was the case today, under gorgeous, blue, Minnesota skies, and darting tweety birds, that we would mark off an entire day from the calendar for the simple pleasure of slow smoking some meat, and then of course,  ingesting it at day’s end. It would be a long and taxing day, and would test my wares of loitermanship, beverage reservoirs, and patience with the pork. I was motivated, tho, you see. I had the itch to go big. We’re talking slow-smoked pulled pork here, and BBQ pork ribs. Its everything…

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