Today’s Menu

Here’s a menu of food-related articles from the last few days.  Consider it a dinner invitation to match your refreshing beverage upon returning home from work.  One for me, one for you.


Our appetizer addresses one aspect of the food waste problem–just throwing it away.  Oh, the above menu is from Feast–once upon a time my favorite restaurant in Houston until it closed.  It’s where I had my first suckling pig head.  Happy!  Happy!  Joy!  Joy!

At the Harvey/Maya compound we’re planning on finally extending the herb garden to a vegetable garden.  Here are the veg appropriate for planting in this infernally-hot month based on where in the country you live.  Let’s call this our first course.

How to make an attempt to deal with hunger, loss of cooking skills, loss of income, and overpriced foods?  Read this article on Good and Cheap, then read the cook book which is free to download.  Also, read the comments below the NPR article.  Food issues draw a number of assumptions, interests, rhetoric about human nature, income and social status.  Yes, the main course.

And for desert, well steak and lava of course.



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