“You Ain’t As White As You Think.” Braised OxTails And Greens.

  Society has to be crowded with the truth. The truth must kneel on football fields and spill onto our dinner plates. Chefs, writers, bartenders, bakers, farmers, and the lot of us food people are keepers of social space—and we have a responsibility to introduce racial equity as a necessary non sequitur. Tunde Wey writes … Continue reading “You Ain’t As White As You Think.” Braised OxTails And Greens.

Smoke On The Turkey

Good Morning.  It’s 8:27am and the turkey has been smoking for a half-hour, only six more hours to go.  The day began with apple wood and pecans. After a few sips of coffee, I decided to exchange water for beer, so four bottles of St. Arnold Christmas Ale were poured. What a foamy bowl of … Continue reading Smoke On The Turkey

There Will Be Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Turkey has arrived!  Last night Greenling delivered a Bourbon Red Heritage, Free Range Turkey from Richardson Farms. Now, that’s a turkey!  Bearing reddish plumage and first bred in Bourbon County, Kentucky the Bourbon Red sat on many a Thanksgiving table from the last decades of the nineteenth century all the way to World … Continue reading There Will Be Thanksgiving!

Chef’s Choice

Well, it’s another bright summer day.  Yes, I know it’s September, but trust me it’s still a blazing hot summer in Houston, so let’s take a look at wine recommendations for a season called “Indian Summer.”  I think I remember experiencing those in a mythical land called Michigan.  Thumbs up for the Oyster Bay Chardonnay … Continue reading Chef’s Choice