Smoke On The Turkey

Good Morning.  It’s 8:27am and the turkey has been smoking for a half-hour, only six more hours to go.  The day began with apple wood and pecans.


After a few sips of coffee, I decided to exchange water for beer, so four bottles of St. Arnold Christmas Ale were poured.


What a foamy bowl of cheer.


Well, now it’s time to start a fire.


Time for Johnny Cash.

The fire subsides and wood turns a precious black and white.


I believe it’s turkey time.


After coffee, nothing welcomes the morning and smoke more than Texas whiskey.


So I sit down and watch the smoker . . . smoke.


Adán Medrano in his post on smoking a turkey, cites evidence of turkey remains near Coba, Mexico dating from 100–BCE-100CE, meaning dining upon this delectable bird predates black-clad Puritans descending on a rock in New England.  A man and his turkey, much like a man and his whiskey. Did those Americans smoke, roast, grill their bird?  Why yes, they cured and smoked meat, so my sitting in a backyard near the Gulf Coast while listening to workers at a nearby house-construction play Tejano is nothing more than the repetition of this scene playing over thousands of years–a man, his smoke, his bird, his whiskey and his Tejano.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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