All The World Is Cured Meat . . . And Insects.

This featured image features one of may favorite places in the world, Revival Market, and where I graze on wonderful headcheese and whiskey pâté. Let’s begin today’s menu with a perfect fall, comfort food recipe–Pumpkin Kale Mac and Cheese from cookingwithawallflower. I know, I know–another article about eating insects, but when the little critters are … Continue reading All The World Is Cured Meat . . . And Insects.

Chef’s Choice

Well, it’s another bright summer day.  Yes, I know it’s September, but trust me it’s still a blazing hot summer in Houston, so let’s take a look at wine recommendations for a season called “Indian Summer.”  I think I remember experiencing those in a mythical land called Michigan.  Thumbs up for the Oyster Bay Chardonnay … Continue reading Chef’s Choice