Your Food Is Brought To You By . . . .

Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens.

Complacencies of the peignoir, and late
Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,
And the green freedom of a cockatoo
Upon a rug mingle to dissipate
The holy hush of ancient sacrifice.

Such a gorgeous, lush opening.  A perfect pairing with a very serious Bloody Mary from Downhouse in the Heights.


As you can see in the featured image, the good people at Downhouse tell you exactly who has provided the food, which allows you to be part of the story of your meal–where it came from, who they are, who cooked the meal, and who ate it.  So now that we’ve imbibed on the Lord’s Day, refreshed our love of language, let’s move to another wonderful celebration of tomatoes through the good folks at SpoonForkBacon offering us Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Anchovies.


I know, not the most appealing of images as you’re drinking a Bloody Mary, eating roasted cherry tomatoes and anchovies, while musing on “The pungent oranges and bright, green wings;” however, Grist offers a media-savvy approach to energy issues while supplying all the facts and critical opinions you could want on the menu.  Global Warming is like driving across a rickety bride links to the IOP Science study that unequivocally makes the case for climate change.  Let’s talk.


Would you like another Bloody Mary?  I thought so.  This allows us to make the quite logical shift form climate change to sustainability; and again, the knowledgeable folks at Grist supply us with the aid.  This is what a more sustainable American food system looks like is one of the most amazing and informative posts I’ve seen.  Do you want to know how Texas has the most sustainable approach to beef?  How about composting in Michigan?  Travel through the fifty states and gather positive news about sustainability in America.


You know, before we have our third Bloody Mary, maybe we should eat our main course.  A spectacular approach to cutting and roasting chicken from Chasing Delicious, Lemon Garlic Spatchcocked Chicken.  Spatchcocked is my word of the day.


Anselm Feuerbach painted The Symposium from 1871-1874– a masterwork, and a painting reminding us of the philosophical setting of gathering around good food and conversation, and also the name of a new online journal Symposium–“devoted to things cultural, aesthetic and intellectual about food.”  They feature an interview with Dwight Furrow who writes one of my favorite blogs on aesthetics and food, Edible Arts.  Also, make sure you click on “Feuerbach” above to see a larger image.


Time for our third Bloody Mary.  We’ve discussed climate signals in trends of global crop yield, the chicken coop and green roof at Humble Pie Pizza Joint in Seattle, and celebrated the beauty of food and drink, so I think it’s time to let the flute girl back in and listen to the Velvet Underground.  Bon Appétit!



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