The Orchestral Recipe: This Is What I Dance To In My Kitchen, What About You?

Thanks to Pieter Claesz for Still Life With Musical Instruments (1623). Let’s say you plan on spending a couple of hours in the kitchen–finishing your stock off into a sauce, slowly sweating a sofrito, carefully stirring risotto, parboiling potatoes, drinking a Brooklyn Ridgy-Didge (I swear I taste that Tasmanian pepperberry), boiling pasta, layering a stew–you will need, I will need some appropriate music, a selection of songs to cut, dance and ladle to as late afternoon slips into night and wonderful aromas fill the house. Here’s my menu, what’s yours?


Wilco and Billy Bragg

La Mer

Astor Piazzolla

Yellow #5

Andrew Bird

Gogol Bordello

Hawk and a Hacksaw

Cat Power

Paris Combo

Gregory Page