Specialties Of The House

Stepping out tonight, driving to your favorite restaurant.  How exciting! You park outside a corner building glowing with bright, animal warmth. Up the steps, a smartly dressed man opens the heavy oak door, inside you go. Ah, the maitre d’ greets you.

Bon.  You’re thirsty of course.  Do you see something on the menu that speaks to your parched throat?


Excellent choice.


As you drink, sip–listen to a favorite poet of mine, August Kleinzahler and his poem Almost Nothing.

It’s summer.  Maybe you can find something on the menu that celebrates the season.  A salad with cherry tomatoes and berries.  Why yes, yes you will.



Meanwhile, what’s going on in the kitchen.  What concoction comes this way?

Onto our first course–fish you should eat.



And now thought, for a little more food.

Still hungry?  Good.


Grilled chicken, tons of onions, and you taste West Africa.  Done!

Yassa Poulet (Senegalese Grilled Chicken)

After such a meal, it’s time to have a cup of coffee.


If you’re in the Detroit-area and looking for black gold, here are some suggestions.


And to end the evening,  Billie Holiday.


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